The Cost of Living in Thailand

Many people choose to move from other countries to Thailand because of the cost of living. They list the low cost of living combined with modern amenities as a huge plus. Not everyone that goes to Thailand chooses it because of the low cost of living, but it is often a factor. As the online world is exploding with work, there are many people able to now choose their country of residence. The ability to live well without earning a fortune puts Thailand near the top of the list.

One of the lowest costs in Thailand is for food. Many people that have moved there cite it as a great place to live because they can afford to eat every meal out. While it is a crossroads of Southeast Asia, Western foods have to be imported and are quite expensive. Most people quickly learn where they can get milder forms of Thai cooking. Best of all, a meal in Thailand is less expensive to buy ready-to-eat than to cook. Learning the best foods to eat takes time and practice. People develop a tolerance over time for the spicier foods and eventually buy from most vendors.

Living quarters range in cost, but many are very affordable. Depending on size and location, rent can range from $600 US dollars per month for a small cottage to $1500 US dollars per month for a home near the capital city. As with any real estate, location is the key. In the suburbs, many homes and apartments cost less. Major cities have excellent public transportation systems for those that want to stretch their dollars without an overly long commute.

Homes and apartments in Thailand may cost less, but they still come with modern amenities. Wi-Fi is standard in many apartment buildings in or near large cities. Even smaller communities have begun to update their communications network and provide this as a basic service.