The Cost of Living in Thailand

Many people choose to move from other countries to Thailand because of the cost of living. They list the low...


Traveling Around Thailand On A Budget

Many people that choose to live in Thailand want more time and money to explore the country. There are four...


Medical Treatment in Thailand

Many modern countries struggle with the cost of medical treatment. Whether a country chooses a socialized medical system or individual...

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Many countries have their own culture and traditions. Thailand is no different, and they have developed their own unique way of life. One of the basic cultural traditions in Thailand is the universal practice of acceptance. Most Thais are Theravada Buddhists, but not all of them. They accept that everyone must walk their own path of spirituality as well as lifestyle. They have incorporated the concept of acceptance into every facet of their life and culture.

For those that live in Thailand, there is no worry that they will be treated as outcasts. Thais understand every person looks at life differently. Those that do not practice Buddhism will find easy acceptance of their religious practices. People used to milder foods than Thai chili peppers will find assistance when their mouth burns rather than demeaning laughter. Laughter is reserved for sharing happiness, a basic part of the culture of this fascinating and welcoming culture.